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Welcome all!
Hope you enjoy the site
Remember to download the movie!

The_Matrix_ReCreated.wmv (download at bottom of page)
This film was made with a bunch of mates for a school project. It is based on the first Matrix movie, but its still very different. It was made with Lego Studios so the quality isn't very crash hot, not to mention the fact that it has been compressed from 90MB to 20MB. Make sure you turn up the volume or you won't be able to hear some of the dialogue.
Despite the downsides, this is still a great movie and we got an A+ for it.
Enjoy! :-)

My Favorites

Favorite Band or Musician: Rage Against the Machine
Favorite TV show: Double the Fist
Favorite movie: Taco Trouble
Favorite book: Merrick & Rosso Volume 2
Favorite sports team: Stone Brothers Racing
Favorite food: potato

My Hobbies

Animation, motor sports, food

Most Admired

Marcos Ambrose


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Stone Brothers Racing

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The Matrix ReCreated.wmv (right-click and 'save target as')